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My Janette Rallison Read-a-thon 

My Janette Rallison Read-a-thon 

A scene from a book kept playing in my mind where the main character pushes a boy into a pool at a country club rich kid’s party. It sounded like a Janette Rallison kind of story and I wanted to read it again. I went to my bookshelf and found the one I was thinking […]

Book Review: The Girl Who Heard Demons by Janette Rallison

Book Review: The Girl Who Heard Demons by Janette Rallison

Adelle is determined that the people at her new high school won’t learn her secret–she can hear demons. But when she overhears some celebrating the school quarterback’s upcoming death, she knows she has to do something to prevent it from happening. Handsome, popular Levi doesn’t appreciate her self-appointed role of guardian angel. And while she’s keeping him safe, she has to try and keep her heart safe too.

Egypt, love, family, adventure, and a Princess Bride reference = My favorite book of all time

Egypt, love, family, adventure, and a Princess Bride reference = My favorite book of all time

My book review of “Son of War, Daughter of Chaos” by Janette Rallison If I could extend the 5 star rating I’d give this book 7 stars. I might have to give it my favorite book of all time award. There are so many things I loved about this story. First, what caught my attention […]

23 out of 50! 2014 is almost over and I have 27 books to read to reach my goal.

I need to get cracking… cracking books that is. I set a goal to read 50 books in 2014. I thought no problem I’m always reading but It is the middle of Oct and I’m not even half way. UGH! Here are a couple book reviews of books I’ve read in the last little bit. I […]

Book review of Slayers Friends and Traitors book #2 in the series

After the dragon summer camp is over, everyone has to return to their normal lives. Tori wants Jesse to break the rules and see her over the school year. As captain, he won’t do it and tells Tori to see other people. She’s crushed and cries on Dirk’s shoulder. As a spy, Dirk doesn’t mind […]

Echo in Time by C.J. Hill

What a great sequel to Erasing Time! There are some very sad moments and plenty of funny moments too.  C.J. Hill is a clever writer. It’s Dystopia, Time Traveling, and Romance all wrapped up in an Action Adventure Story. The book continues with the funny slang words we use that make no sense in the […]

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