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Happily Ever After…My Read-a-thon is still coming along

My read-a-thon for all Janette Rallison books is coming along. I was a little slower at reading because I went out of town to a small family get together in New Mexico.

New Mexico trip April 2016

The Martin/ Scow family 


However, I did get some reading done and I finished the ‘My Fairy Godmother Series’ and I want to share my reviews:

My fairy godmother

My Fair Godmother, Book One- we’re introduced to Chrysanthemum Everstar “Chrissy”, a fairy trying to become a Fairy Godmother. Right now she’s only in-training and she’s assigned to the pathetic cases. Her sidekick Clover, a leprechaun isn’t much help and more interested in playing poker. Savannah is the first victim… or I mean case. Savannah is heartbroken over her boyfriend Hunter dumping her for her sister Jane. Jane is a senior and smart like Hunter.  When they try to make amends and set her up with Tristian she’s even more humiliated. Her pathetic ratings are through the roof. Savannah gets a visit from her fairy godmother Chrissy and receives three wishes. Savannah wants prince charming to take her to prom and Chrissy assumes she wants the Cinderella fairy-tale. Savannah finds herself back in the middle ages and fighting for her life to get back home. Janette is great at writing high school dramas and sweet romances and this book gives you plenty of it with a twist. 


My unfair godmother

My Unfair Godmother- Chrysanthemum Everstar “Chrissy” is trying to enter the Fairy Godmother University by helping Tansy with her dismal life. We instantly feel empathy for Tansy. Her parents’ divorce and her father moves from New York to Arizona of all places. To show her librarian father her displeasure for abandoning them, she stops reading books and doing well in English class. When Tansy is forced to move to Arizona her senior year of high school to live with her Dad’s “new” family, you can only imagine the amount of rebellion Tansy felt. (I mean who wouldn’t in those circumstances.) Of course she meets the bad boy of the small town Bo, who rides a motorcycle. She jumps right into a relationship, much to her father’s dismay. Tansy gets in trouble with the law and thinks life couldn’t get any worse, until a Leprechaun named Clover appears along with her Fairy Godmother Chrissy and she’s granted three wishes. Three wishes should be a good thing, right? Nope. When the town is overrun by Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Tansy has to make things right. Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Tansy, her whole family is thrown into the Middle-Ages and they enter the fable of Rumpelstiltskin. Tansy has to escape the castle to avoid marrying King John and gets help from one of the King’s guards, Hudson, another victim of Chrissy and Clover’s mistakes. Tansy struggles to find the moral of her story so they can all return back home before being killed.

Happily Ever After in fairy tales takes on a new meaning after reading “My Unfair Godmother.”  The story gives us the behind-the-scenes of fairy tales. The humor throughout this story makes it an enjoyable read. 


My fairyly dangerous godmother

My Fairly Dangerous Godmother, Book Three- Chrissy Everstar and her assistant the leprechaun Clover are at it again. Sadie wants to be a famous singer. She made a fool of herself on TV trying out for a talent show in front of her idol Jason. This gets her on the list of pathetic humans who need help. When Sadie wishes to have a beautiful singing voice she’s sent to the Little Mermaid story. (which did you know there is a not-so-happy-ending version out there? I didn’t.) Sadie’s next wish sends her to the fairy-tale, The Dancing Princesses. I wasn’t familiar with The Dancing Princesses fairy-tale either. Even with all the things going wrong there’s a comic relief in the story. Sadie learns that her idol Jason isn’t a very good prince charming.  Donovan is also in the fairy-tale sent by his own Fairy Godmother. They have to survive an evil fairy queen and escape this fantasy world. The moral of the story is… be careful what you wish for, especial if you have a not-so-great-fairy-godmother; Or…maybe the moral is, life isn’t so bad when you look at it from a different point of view.


Janette does a great job on this whole series making fairy-tales seem real. It’s a must read for all who enjoy a happily ever after tale.




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