My read-a-thon, blue eyes, and my favorite book of all time.


Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards”This story technically is the first book in the Pullman series or as I like to think of it as the Cheerleader series. In this book Samantha (All’s Fair in Love, War, and High School), one of my favorite fictional characters, is not very nice but I’ll forgive her because she’s just hurt by Cassidy talking bad about her to the new guy in the neighborhood. But that’s not what this story is about. Cassidy’s best friend moves away their sophomore year and Cassidy hopes the new family moving in will have a girl her age. They do, but Elise isn’t actually what Cassidy is looking for in a friend. Elise is all about partying and wants Cassidy to losen up. Elise’s older brother Josh is a senior and he’s like the big brother Cassidy never had. Elise comes from a big family and Cassidy is envious, she’s an only child. Cassidy has a big crush on Chad Warren who has blue eyes. Elise helps her talk with him but Cassidy isn’t very good at flirting. When Elise keeps getting into trouble Cassidy thinks it will be best not to be her friend. Josh talks her into staying friends with Elise because she needs good influences. Josh (who also has beautiful blue eyes) has all these logical rules about dating sophomores since he leaves for college next year. Cassidy is smart and extremely naive but she isn’t judgmental and I think it’s a great trait and especially for Elise who’s trying to find her place in life.

I totally related to Cassidy’s dating blunders. At dinner for my first homecoming dance,  not my date but one of the boys in the group shook his ketchup bottle and the lid flew off and squirted red sticky ketchup all over my pink silky lace dress. Good memories.


I think Janette might have a thing for blue eyes.

(some of the characters I imagine while reading Janette Rallison)

I had started with older books by Janette Rallison for my read-a-thon but I was thinking about my favorite book the other day and I decided to treat myself and read it next.

Son of War Daughter of Chaos

My favorite book of all time

“Son of War, Daughter of Chaos” is my favorite book of all time. Even beating out “Twilight” series and “The Princess Bride.” 

I read a lot of books and so I was asked why this story made it to my #1 favorite read. Here’s why; It starts out as a typical high school romance story which I love but takes a turn into a paranormal world with an Egyptology twist. You really don’t know who the good guys are. It combines a Twilight kind of story with other creatures going on around us and it has a wondrous romance with Princess Bride references. It’s like the best of two worlds coming together into one book.

Janette Rallison has many great series and so I think this book will probably not turn into a series, unfortunately. I can picture it being turned into a movie. I think Fickle Fish, Stephenie Meyer’s film company could really do a great job. Now I just need to figure out how to talk Stephenie into doing it.

Here’s my blog from when I originally read SOWDOC: https://juliemartinwallace.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/egypt-love-family-adventure-and-a-princess-bride-reference-my-favorite-book-of-all-time/

My Double Life
“My Double Life” is a fun, easy read that takes you to Hollywood. Alexia Garcia lives in West Virginia with her mom and Abuela (grandma.) Alexia looks just like the singer Kari Kingsley. When she is offered to act as Kari’s double she takes the job to earn money for college and finally meet her father. Alexia is thrown into the world of fame and money. She can’t help falling for the hot famous singer Grant Delray. The only problem is, she isn’t herself and she wonders if he’d like her if he knew she was just a normal girl in high school.  
You get a inside look of what it’s like to be famous. Alexia has to find herself in this coming of age story.  Read the new bonus scenes at the end. You will LOVE it!


I’m plugging along on my read-a-thon and having a great time. What’s your favorite book? It doesn’t have to be a Janette Rallison but if it is that’s cool too.


2 comments on “My read-a-thon, blue eyes, and my favorite book of all time.

  1. Wow, I can’t believe I beat out The Princess Bride! Which is one of my favorite books too. And you’re right, I do have a thing for blue eyes. I feel cheated that I don’t have them myself. Thanks for all of the great reviews! You are brilliant and clearly have wonderful literary taste.

  2. This sounds like a great book, Son of War, Daughter of Chaos, you have convinced me to try it. Also…I remember the ketchup incident. LOL

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