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My Janette Rallison READ-A-THON is going strong

I’m still going strong on my Read-a-thon of all Janette Rallison books. Today is April 7th and I’ve read a total of 6 books. Here’s my Book reviews: (ALL 5 STARS! of course)

Playing the Field

“Playing the Field”The point of view in this book you get into the mind of a teenager boy experiencing his first crush. I grew up with 5 brothers and this story nails it. McKay loves baseball and that’s all he can think about. His best friend Tony can only think about girls. Tony encourages McKay to flirt with Serena so she’ll help him get his math scores up or else he’ll have to drop out of baseball. I completely sympathize with McKay’s struggle in learning math. His friend Tony doesn’t seem to have any problem with flirting with girls. Until he juggles two girls who are friends and it becomes a big problem. It isn’t easy for McKay and with any thirteen year old boy he struggles with the right words to say and how to act. He causes Serena to have an accident and he even has an accident of his own showing off. It’s a fun read for younger readers but even as an adult I enjoy jumping into another persons experience and struggle of growing up.



All’s Fair in Love, War, and High School This is one of my favorite stories by Janette Rallison. I reread it almost every year. I’m not sure why the character Samantha calls to me but I really enjoy her trials. You think, she’s popular and a cheerleader so she must have it all, so why do I care about her? But you do care about her and want her to succeed. She bombs the SAT and the only way to make it to college is to “beef up” her resume and run for student body president. I love the bet she makes with Logan that she wont say anything bad about people for two weeks. (That is really hard to do, have you tried it?) She is not perfect and makes a fool of herself plenty. But you appreciate her trying to better herself and in the end you want only great things for her. Samantha struggles with who her true friends are; finding true love isn’t where you’d think; and doing the right thing is harder than it seems.

All's Fair in Love, War, and High School

Janette has updated this book and it has a new cover. I think I even helped pick out the cover on Janette’s blog. I can’t remember if this is the one I voted for but it’s really cute.


Revenge of the Cheerleader

“Revenge of the Cheerleader”Another great book about cheerleaders, which in most stories portray them as the bad guys because they’re popular and stuck up. What I love about this book along with “All’s Fair in Love, War, and High School” is the popular cheerleaders are people too. It’s great to see Samantha and Logan again in this book but now the main character is Chelsea who recently broke up with her boyfriend Mike. He cheated on her with Naomi who use to be a friend. Plans for attending a Halloween party are ruined by Chelsea’s younger sister Adrian who has gone missing. Chelsea has to go look for her at the college where Rick’s band is playing. Rick who ran against Samantha for class president in “All’s Fair…” Rick the jerk is dating her sister Adrian. Chelsea meets a good looking college guy and she’s about to dance with him until Rick’s band starts playing a song about Chelsea called Dangerously Blonde. Chelsea and her friends “the cheerleaders” are determined to stop Rick. He plans to play his new song at the try-outs for American High School Idol. This would be a disaster for the cheerleaders. Chelsea has to put down her pom poms and take up singing again to beat Rick. Chelsea and her sister Adrian haven’t been friends since last year when Adrian was in love with a guy and he ended up liking Chelsea instead. This made Adrian do everything opposite of her big sister. Rick is one of those rebellious bad choices. Chelsea has to decide if she’s going to help her sister or hook up with the hot college guy. The characters and the whole series is a great read. One of my all time favorites.

Rereading these books are bringing back good memories. In one book I found the receipt from when I bought it at a book signing at Changing Hands Bookstore back on Nov. 17th 2007. Wow! I’ve been a Janette Rallison fan a long time.

As it turns out I thought I owned all of Janette Rallison’s books but it seems that the first book in the Pullman High series, “Blue Eyes and Other Teenager Hazards” is missing from my book shelf.  I’m pretty sure I read it but now I’m going to have to buy it again and read it out of order.

HAPPY READING! Check back for more reviews soon.


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