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My Janette Rallison Read-a-thon 

A scene from a book kept playing in my mind where the main character pushes a boy into a pool at a country club rich kid’s party. It sounded like a Janette Rallison kind of story and I wanted to read it again. I went to my bookshelf and found the one I was thinking of and reread it. I love Janette’s stories; her characters are always making big fools of themselves. I guess I relate to them. Sometimes I think Janette might have gotten a hold of my journal and based some of her characters off of all my embarrassing moments growing up. After I finished the first book I decided to continue reading all my Janette Rallison books. Today is the 4th and I’m on my 4th book. Yep, I’ve read a book a day. I won’t be able to read them all in a day but I figure I’ll keep reading until I’ve reread them all. I’ll probably continue into May since I’m pretty sure Janette has written more than 30 books.  I’ll review the books here since when I first started reading her books I had no idea what a blog was.

Here we go, My Janette Ralison Read-a-thon:

It's a Mall World After All

“It’s a Mall World After All” – Charlotte works at Bloomingdale and sprays perfume on customers. This allows her to spend plenty of time watching people come and go at the mall. Colton and Bryant are hanging out at the mall and meet two girls who must go to the rich prep school nearby because Charlotte doesn’t recognize them. Bryant, her best friend’s boyfriend, is actually flirting with the girl and walks around the mall with her. As her best friend Charlotte tells Brianna what she saw. Brianna believes Bryant that he was only there to help Colton out. Charlotte is determined to prove that Bryant is a cheater. She shows up at a country club party with her camera phone ready to get proof but Colton stops her and flirts with her. He tells her she’s got it all wrong about Bryant. Colton is a rich boy and only goes to Hamilton High School because the rich prep school doesn’t have a wrestling team. He’s a dream boat but Charlotte has never given him a second thought because she doesn’t date boys in her high school, they are all too immature. For a moment Charlotte thinks Colton might be different.

I love the main character Charlotte. She’s got a big heart and wants to help out but she’s a walking disaster. This story is also a great Christmas-time-feel-good-giving story.  I give it an A+


Fame, glory, and other things...

“Fame, Glory, and other things on my to do list” – Jessica lives in a small town in New Mexico but she dreams of being a movie star. When she meets Jordan and learns his dad is the famous Christopher Hunter she’s sure it’s her ticket into show business. She pushes Jordan into trying out for Romeo, she’s certain his dad will come to see his play.  Jordan is tired of people only liking him because of his dad. He just moved into town with his mother and Jessica is the only one who knows his secret. When the school play is about to be cancelled she sees her big break into Hollywood slipping away.

Another 5 star review! I completely relate to Jessica. I never wanted to be a movie star but I’ve gotten in the wrong car before. Thankfully no one like Jordan, the hot new guy saw me do it. Janette writes in a humorous way that makes you laugh out loud and I especially did during the disastrous West Side Story.

SPOILER ALERT! I want to write a fan-fiction of Jessica and Jordan now. Does Jessica make it to Hollywood? Does Jordan support her even though he saw the evils of what fame did to his own family?


Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws


“Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws” – This story is about best friends and is written as a duel point of view of Josie and Cami. They both love to play basketball and are competing to meet WNBA star Rebecca Lobo. They also compete over the popular boy Ethan.

This story is right on for what it’s like to be a teenager girl. Maybe things are different these days but for me it echoed my experience growing up with best friends, sports, and boys. It’s written for a younger reader like junior high or freshman age but I still liked it and give it a 5 star review!


Visit authors website  janetterallison.com




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