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Book Review: The Girl Who Heard Demons by Janette Rallison



I started reading the book as soon as I received it and couldn’t put it down. I read until 3am. The story is about what the title says, Adelle hears demons. She hears all the negative thoughts the demons are telling people to keep them depressed and unhappy. After moving twice Adelle is determined to lay low and get through her senior year without anyone knowing her secret. She meets Levi and hears the demons say he’s going to die. She has to save him, not just because he’s gorgeous with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes and the quarterback, but because he’s nice to her. When his friends are in a car wreck and he isn’t he wants to know how she knew they’d wreck. She reveals her secret and at first Adelle is sure that once people know the truth about her they will ridicule her like before. But Levi is different and even though he doesn’t believe her for one minute, he seems to still like her. Adelle hears the demons talk about a murder and she has to do something about it, even if she loses everything.

Janette Rallison is by far my favorite author because everything I read I love. Her characters are always witty and authentic. Her writing is entertaining with humor and lots of butterflies and heart-pounding romance. There is excitement and mystery going on too. No spoilers: There is a scene, that no joke, I gasped at. I should’ve seen it coming but Janette had me all wrapped up in all the lovey-dovey stuff that I missed the clues. That is a well-written story when you can actually be surprised. Well done, again.

Available March 29th 2016.  To pre-order your copy visit http://www.amazon.com/Girl-Who-Heard-Demons-ebook



Anything but Normal

I love the concept of this book and have always been fascinated with the idea of fallen angels and guardian angels all around affecting our lives for good and bad. I myself have written a fictional story about demons and guardian angels. For years, I peddled the idea around and didn’t get any response. I wasn’t sure what genre to place it in; Paranormal? Religious?… Just like this book my story isn’t preachy or anything just the concept is spiritual. I’m happy to see great writers like Janette finding readers who are interested in this kind of story. Maybe it’s time to pull my story, “Anything but Normal” out of the top drawer.

What do you think is there a genre and readership for this kind of story?


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