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My book review of Shaping Destiny by Heather Monroe

shaping destiny

5 Star rating
Leah is a normal college student, or so it seems. It’s her freshman year and life couldn’t be any better. Her high school boyfriend Jared is at the same college. Jared and Leah sign up for a dance competition, something they enjoy doing together. Jared is the perfect boyfriend. Leah keeps noticing a stranger watching her on campus. She’s kidnapped and a large black wolf attacks her kidnappers. The stranger who’s been watching her shows up after the wolf leaves and rescues her. Max, the stranger, tells her not to tell anybody what happened and she doesn’t know why but she trusts him. It’s the first time in her relationship she keeps a secret from Jared. Max tells her he was hired to protect her. Leah is torn because she’s attracted to Max but Jared who she grew up with is her best friend. Leah has many enemies and she doesn’t understand why but they want to kill her. I was a little annoyed with Leah for even entertaining a romance with Max, the sexy mysterious man, when she has a safe trustworthy boyfriend. Not everything is what is seems and Leah finds out some dark secrets about her families past. She has to accept her destiny. I enjoy reading paranormal romances and this is an easy and intriguing read. And this isn’t the end of Leah’s story

Here’s the book trailer: https://youtu.be/NIN0fmSk8vA

Purchase at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Heather-Monroe/e/B00TE2W5RQ/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Website: http://authorheathermonroe.com/

Heather Monroe

HEATHER MONROE is a self-published author of New Adult / paranormal / romance. She also has book ideas for fantasy and science fiction genre’s, but will always contain romance. She has written Shaping Destiny, and is currently working on a second book, Concealed By Fear. Heather has a husband and four children. She has her own business in dog grooming, and in her spare time she is on her computer lost in imagination.


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