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Summer vacation book reviews

My dream vacation consisted of lots of visits to the spa and sitting by the pool with plenty of great books to read.



summer reading


Here’s my summer vacation book reviews:



First on the list, Love on the Line by Pamela Aares. This is book four in the Heart of the Game Series. This was probably my favorite one but I’ve enjoyed all of them.

Here’s what I loved about it:


Love on the Line

Aria pool reading Love on the Line


Heiress Cara Barrington is hiding away in Albion Bay, California as the local school bus driver. Everyone thinks she’s just like them. That’s what Cara wants them to believe. Baseball-star Ryan Rea moves into town and Cara is just the kind of woman he’s looking for, beautiful, simple,and honest. He’s been burnt before by women who just want him for his money and fame. Cara doesn’t want to start a relationship with Ryan but he pursues her with all his sexy Texas charm. Cara struggles with telling Ryan the truth but she desperately wants to keep her true identity hidden. She can’t go back to a lifestyle where people use her for her money and family name. Ryan is “lip-smacking hot” but what really draws you into the story is Cara. Love on the Line gives an inside look on the rich and famous. Jackie & Alex from book one, Love Bats Last, get to help out since Jackie knows what it’s like to escape the world of money.

Pamela writes so beautifully. She makes you want to be friends with her characters. Baseball players are real people with big hearts. Those beautiful heiress on all the tabloids are struggling to fit in. I don’t know if it’s true or not but the way Pamela portrays them makes it all very believable.


Next on my list is the much anticipated final book in the Mortal Instruments Series, City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare:


City of Heavenly Fire 2 Rio pool reading City of Heavenly Fire


THANK YOU CASSANDRA CLARE! This book is gripping and exciting and everything you could ever want from an epic ending to a series. Bonus, we get closure with Tessa’s story from Infernal Devices.

I held my breath many times and thought it would all end badly. There’s heartache and sadness all around and it seems hopeless at times. To avoid any spoilers I’ll just say it’s a great read and it wraps everything up nicely and doesn’t leave you guessing and wondering. I have to thank the author for being clever and talented and sharing her heart and soul with us.


City of Heavenly Fire

Luxor pool reading City of Heavenly Fire


Next read, Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James

Death Comes to Pemberly

Rio pool reading Death comes to Pemberley

This is an enjoyable book. It’s great to be back at Pemberley and learn how all the characters from Pride and Prejudice are doing. It’s been six years. Darcy and Elizabeth are enjoying life together with two young boys. Georgiana is as beautiful as ever. She has some very handsome suitors who like her for more than her money. Speaking of George Wickham, Lydia and Wickham are still up to no good. Once again Darcy has to help Wickham who’s being charged with murder. Even though I didn’t feel there was a lot of mystery solving going on it does keep things interesting with the unknown. If you’re a Jane Austen fan you’ll love this story. A couple times characters from Jane’s other novels are mentioned and it was fun to hear about them too.


I reread Summer Solstice Summer  by E.J. Squires  (Book II in A Viking Blood Saga)

Zenobia pirate ship

 Me at the pirate ships at T.I.

I can’t get enough of this epic tale. It has everything you’d want in a fantasy book with dragons, shape-shifters, darkelves and let’s not forget the conquering Vikings. If you like the history channels ‘Viking’ show or http://www.starz.com/originals/blacksailsyou’ll love the world that E.J. Squires has created. If you enjoy reading the Lord of the Rings series this is the book series for you. The story is filled with action and adventure but a passionate love story is at the heart of it all.
I can’t wait until book three Fall of the Nine Realms (Coming out Dec 2014). There’s much to be done to collect the Aesira Jewel from the nine different realms. Will Queen Lucia and her Viking King prevail? Or will Soren and Ailia succeed in defeating Eiesse and finally be together?



Next book, Zenobia – Challenging a Legend by Russ

Wallace, book two in the Zenobia Book Series.

Zenobia- Challenging a Legend

Zenobia – Challenging a Legend  hot off the press


Book two in the Zenobia book series has it all. With education in Alexandria, Egypt as the primary focus at the beginning of the book. You experience Zenobia’s first crush. The 2nd half of the book is full of adventure with kidnappings, hunting, fighting, revenge, chases, escapes, and piracy.
Zenobia learns a heart breaking truth about love and this will mold her into the women she’s destine to become. This was an ARC and so the story is not released to the public yet but I promise you, you’ll want to put this book on your TBR list.


It took all month to read Zenobia- Challenging a Legend because me and my husband were editing while reading it together.


I also read Zenobia – Birth of a Legend by Russ Wallace on my nook to refresh my memory before reading book two.


Zenobia- Birth of a Legend

Luxor pool reading Zenobia – Birth of a Legend


Of course, I did other things while on vacation other than sit by the pool and read. I’ll share my vacation photos with you on my next post.


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