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Book Review for Wraithsong by E.J. Squires


 The Desirable Creatures Series, Book I

Sonia is given strict orders to never date or even think of kissing a boy. Sonia has special powers and if you come into contact with her saliva you will become her slave for life. Sonia’s mom has the same power but she won’t explain more, she keeps telling Sonia she will learn all about it when she turns 18. Sonia is going to graduate from high school and turn 18 in just two weeks. Most of Sonia’s friends are taking exotic trips for graduation but she’s going with her mom to Minnesota to learn about her special powers. Since her dad passed away in a car accident Sonia has tried not to cause her mom more heartache but she absolutely doesn’t want to take this boring trip.

 Sonia’s emotions are out of control and her mom warns her that it’s because her flair is getting stronger. Her mom tells her that she is a Huldra and her special power to control people is called a flair.  Sonia knows she is to never use her flair but when the school bully Savannah keeps bothering her, Sonia can’t help herself and she spits on her.  She gets into trouble with the principle and he assigns her 10 hours of pulling weeds.

Sonia’s mom is troubled when Huldra’s keep disappearing but when her sister disappears, she is overly concerned. Sonia doesn’t know her aunts but doesn’t like seeing her Mom so upset.

When Sonia goes to the greenhouse after school to pull weeds she meets Anthony. He is gorgeous. He has intense light blue eyes and a great build. Sonia is surprised at how attracted she is to him. Anthony is rude one moment and then asking her out the next.  Their teenager emotions are both out of control but it’s so much more than crushes pulling them together. Behind her mom’s back Sonia goes out with Anthony. He takes her to the ballet. Her favorite place because she use to be a dancer but since her Dad’s death she gave it up. When she gets a whole bunch of frantic messages from her mom she knows something is wrong. That is when Anthony comes clean and tells her who he really is. Sonia has to decide if she can trust him. Her mom has been kidnapped and the only person who can help her is Anthony.  They call in reinforcements and the Lightalfars who live in Arizona agree to help them. They all meet together in New York and are planning to attack Wraithsong Island where the Darkalfars have taken Sonia’s mom.  Nothing goes as planned. Sonia doesn’t know who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. All she wants is to rescue her Mom and she will do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

I love this story! I am hooked. I can’t wait until the next book comes out. I even started rereading the book right after I finished it just to experience it all over again. It’s Norse Mythology but it’s happening today. I absolutely love stories that make you think, this could be someone I know and make our world even more mystical. I’ve always been interested in Norway but now I’m obsessed with the folklore. There is plenty of action in this book and a heart gripping romance. My favorite is how it ties in with the other series by E.J. Squires, A Viking Blood saga. http://norsevikingsaga.com/home.html


This seriously has surpassed all other YA series and is by far

my favorite. I mean it; I’m more captivated than I ever was

with Twilight, Hunger Games, or City of Bones. And if you

know me, you know how much I loved those series. This is a

different kind of paranormal/fantasy story and I want to

know more about these magical people and places.

When I read a book I imagine what the movie would be like. This song should be on the playlist.

The Green Children



Actually, any song from them would be great. If I did the casting I would have Milla, who is the lead singer for The Green Children, play Sonia the main character.


  Milla Sunde


Now to find the perfect Anthony….. Oh I got a good one!



Austin Butler


Now go read the book so we can start obsessing over it together.

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