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Zenobia is a great example of what a superhero is and the world needs to learn about her amazing story.

See the full article I wrote on what-makes-a-good-superhero.

Below I’ve added why I think Zenobia is a strong


Katrina Law Mira

Zenobia trains as a warrior in Zenobia – Birth of a

 and becomes elite with her bow and arrow and

extremely skilled with a sword.


     In Zenobia – Challenging a Legend, Zenobia

disguises herself to get up close and personal with her



Zenobia should have been put to death at birth just

because she was a girl. She was raised pretending to be a

boy. That gave her plenty of motivation to prove a girl

can be just as useful as a man.  



Zenobia – a true historical figure from 3rd century

Syria, led her armies against Rome. She rode on

horseback wearing full armor.



  Real or fictional superheroes show us how to stand up for what it right.


Want to learn more about Zenobia? Please

visit  www.geodepress.com 


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