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My read-a-thon with Sierra St. James

The great thing about MY Janette Rallison read-a-thon is I get to read all different kinds of genres. With a Janette Rallison novel you can read funny, YA, MG, clean romances; With C.J. Hill you’ll read YA, Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal; With Sierra St. James you can read LDS fiction with sweet romances. I love them all and find them very entertaining.

Here’s my reviews for two Sierra St. James novels:

What the Doctor Ordered


Ellie is only planning on spending a couple weeks at her Aunt Bertie’s house in Idaho. She just needs to prove to her parents that her Aunt is not crazy and doesn’t need to be put in a nursing home. Her Aunt still has her Christmas tree up in the summer and Ellie knows it’s going to take a lot to cover up her Aunt’s eccentric behavior. Aunt Bertie is determined to set Ellie up with the new Doctor in her ward. Dr. John Flynn is recently divorced and doesn’t want a woman who’s only looking for a rich doctor. Ellie and John get off on the wrong foot from the get go. Ellie wants to avoid John all together but with her Aunt’s failing health she keeps meeting up with him at the ER. When he assigns himself to be their home-teacher she really can’t avoid him. This is a fun read with romance and good laughs at the joys of dysfunctional families.


Trails of the Heart


Jamie is putting herself through college by cleaning houses. She starts cleaning for Mrs. Walden, a grumpy rich lady who claims she can hear when Jamie doesn’t get all the dust off her priceless artifacts. Jamie tries to be Christ-like but Mrs. Walden is so cantankerous. Jamie wants to quit but decides to stay after work and get to know Mrs. Walden better. They discuss religion and Jamie explains her beliefs on alcohol and how it’s bad for people. She suggests that Mrs. Walden do something different with her vineyards, like plant carrots. Mrs. Walden scoffs at this. Jamie learns that Mrs. Walden passed away and she attends her funeral out of respect. Bombarded by a lawyer and Mrs. Walden’s family she learns that Mrs. Walden changed her will and Jamie inherits the vineyard. Of course the family is upset because Mrs. Walden’s son and grandson have been running the family vineyard business for years. They think she was senile at the end but Jamie thinks Mrs. Walden actually had a change of heart. Her grandson Clay takes it upon himself to try to sway Jamie into giving them back the vineyard and not turn it into some charity. Clay and Jamie are from two different worlds but something pulls them together. It’s a great story of opposites attract. I love reading it again and again.


Unfortunately, my read-a-thon is coming to an end. I’ve read all of Janette’s book under all the different pen names. (I might have missed a couple novellas.) For my final book in my read-a-thon I’m rereading “The Girl Who Heard Demons” which came out in March this year.

book cover

Here’s a link to my review and the book which is only .99 cents for Amazon Kindle right now. It is so worth the read!



Janette is always writing amazing stories and so I’ll have more to add to my list soon. Here’s a middle grade fantasy coming out next month:

The Wrong Side of Magic

The Wrong Side of Magic coming out August 23, 2016 

The Phantom Tollbooth gets a modern-day spin in this magical middle grade fantasy filled with adventure and humor that will whisk readers away!

Preorder it at: https://www.amazon.com/Wrong-Side-Magic-Janette-Rallison/dp/1250074282?ie=UTF8&ref_=asap_bc

If you live nearby Tempe, AZ you can go to the book signing on:

August 23rd 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm  at Changing Hands Bookstore 6428 S McClintock Dr. Tempe, AZ 85283 United States + Google Map

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My summer trips


A must see in VEGAS is the Bellagio fountain show and the Bellagio gardens. For summer they have an underwater theme at the gardens. I love it, especially the turtles and dolphins.


I get lots of poolside reading in while I’m on vacation. I even get to work poolside. The Zenobia Book Series had a FREE  ebook promotion and BOOK BLITZ party that I attended from the RIO hotel pool. Can’t get any better than that!

In downtown Vegas at the Riviera we got to see one of its towers implode. That was intense. They are doing more in August, if you wanted to experience it.



The Riviera Tower standing

The Riviera tower is now a pile of rubble




















Virginia                                                              Bugsy

At Flamingo, we visit our favorite pelican Virginia. She has a new friend named BUGSY. He’s also a rescue bird that can no longer fly. There’s turtles, ducks, and Flamingo’s there too… but we visit the pelicans.

We drove an hour from the strip to Mt. Charleston and saw wild horses.  20160627_150905

For my birthday we went to my favorite place the dolphin habitat; We ate at the Paris hotel and watched the Bellagio fountain show. Best day ever!


After Vegas, we surprised my parents (literally) with a visit for the 4th of July in the Arizona white mountains.





loveFun family time

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We went to JAIL!


jail birdsstacy in jail


UP NEXT… more reviews from my Janette Rallison read-a-thon and Susan Branch books.


Enjoying nature while reading Susan Branch


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My C.J. Hill read-a-thon

I’ve reread the Slayers series. It’s on my top 5 favorite series. Here’s my reviews:

Slayers -The making of a mentor

“Slayers: The Making of a Mentor”

Great prequel. It gives you a better idea what motivates Dr. B into bringing the Slayers together. It is short but gives you information that you didn’t know from the Slayer series if you read them first, which I did. 

Slayers 1


I’m a believer! Dragons really do exist. Dragons may have disappeared but their return and attack on mankind is inevitable. What’s great about this book, it’s happening today right in our own town. Well, this story takes place in Washington DC but no one is safe from the return of Dragons!
Tori is a rich girl and a senators daughter. She always dreamt of dragons and obsesses over them being real. She found a Dragon camp and this summer she finally talks her parents into letting her go. She hopes it will help her figure out why she believes in dragons.
Tori quickly learns two different camps are going on… the normal geeky people who are obsessed with mystical creatures and the advance Dragon camp where they have special powers and are actually training to kill these “mystical” creatures.
Tori is attracted to the two team captains. Jesse is tall, dark, and handsome but he takes this whole save the world a little too seriously. Dirk is blonde and blue eyed and acts like a surfer. The two teams train by competing against each other and they are a very competitive. Tori is way behind in her training. Her special power is to hear what the dragons hear, which for now, until they hatch, is a heartbeat. How special is that? Tori has to figure out how she fits into the group.


Slayers 2

“Slayers – Friends and Traitors”

After the dragon summer camp is over, everyone has to return to their normal lives. Tori wants Jesse to break the rules and see her over the school year. As captain, he won’t do it and tells Tori to see other people. She’s crushed and cries on Dirk’s shoulder.
As a spy, Dirk doesn’t mind breaking the rules and sends Tori letters. Her dad’s a senator so it’s easy to track her down. They secretly start corresponding.
Tori fears the eggs have hatched— her special skill is hearing what the dragons do. Dirk’s special power is dragon-sight and he claims to see nothing. Dr. B believes Dirk. Tori makes a surprise visit to Dirk’s football game to confirm that he hasn’t seen anything. Dirk’s a major player and Tori knows it, but he seems to really like her. Unlike Jesse, Dirk wants to be with her.
When Jesse gets attacked, all the Slayers meet up to figure out how the Dragon Lord knows where they live. Everyone together is just what the Dragon Lord wants.
This is a great sequel. I’m so Team Jesse, but I’m a little Team Dirk too. He’s a bad boy but you can’t help feel sorry for him. I’m a believer now in dragons and love the way the story makes mystical creatures come to life. I can’t wait until book 3. C.J. Hill writes thrilling action scenes and romance that steals your heart.


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Zenobia – Birth of a Legend by Russ Wallace

Author Russ Wallace felt the same way when he first read a short article on Zenobia and he wondered why he never heard about her before. When he found the history books left much to be desired he decided to share her story with the world. Of course he had to fill in the gaps. Get your copy of book one while it’s free on amazon. Let us know what you think of her amazing story.

Rainne's Ramblings

Zenobia - Birth of a Legend banner


Zenobia - Birth of a Legend (Zenobia Book Series 1)In the 3rd century a girl of uncommon abilities was born in the desert wilderness of Syria. Rescued from death by her courageous mother, Zenobia masqueraded as a boy to stay alive. She grew up to become one of the toughest, deadliest women who ever lived.

Brilliant and beautiful, Zenobia carried the greatest female military mind in history. She eventually came to control the second most powerful army in the world. When her love of justice brought her into conflict with the strongest empire on earth, she set her sights on the greatest conquest of all – Rome.

This book traces Zenobia’s life from age nine to fifteen, setting the stage for her amazing rise to power. It includes the beginnings of her legend and her budding romances.

No one who reads her captivating story will ever forget Zenobia.

Amazon ~ Official Site ~



Zenobia – Birth of a…

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My Read-a-thon has taken me to the future

Yes, I’m still doing my read-a-thon. I’m now reading all C.J. Hill books. I read the time traveling series “Erasing Time” and “Echo in Time.” I love these books. It’s my 2nd time around reading them and I love them even more.


Erasing Time


What an exciting book! Identical twins, Taylor and Sheridan get abducted into the 25th century. Lots of things have changed in the future and not for the good. Echo and his dad Jeth are “wordsmiths” who study and speak the English version from the 21st century. They’re called to help the scientist figure out what went wrong by speaking to the girls. They don’t know why the time machine made a mistake and brought two teenage girls instead of the scientist they were searching for. Echo’s twin Joseph was recently killed by the evil Dakine group. They have more power and control than the government. Echo is ready to escape but his plans change as he becomes attached to Sheridan and wants to help her. Taylor who is the genius of the twins comes up with a dangerous plan to destroy the time machine, hoping to prevent anyone else from experiencing the same terrible fate of being stuck in the future. They have to do this and escape before the government erases their memory and installs a tracking device.
C.J. Hill’s word-play is spectacular. With the slang we use today the girls are able to disguise what they’re planning. It’s hilarious to see through the eyes of those in the future how ridiculous our sayings really are. The story keeps you wondering, who is bad? Who can they trust? How will they return home? It’s a must read, not only for Sci-Fi fans but those who enjoy a good love story.


Echo in Time

What a great sequel to Erasing Time! C.J. Hill is a clever writer. It’s Dystopia, Time Traveling, and Romance all wrapped up in a great adventure. The book continues with the funny slang words we use that make no sense in the future.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read book one

The story continues with Taylor and Sheridan who got sucked up in a time machine to the 25th century. It’s only been a couple months since they escaped Traventon. They are living in Santa Fe. Sheridan and Joseph are in the beginnings of a developing relationship. The government in Santa Fe believes the time strainer is dangerous. Taylor and Joseph and some of Santa Fe finest military men are picked to go back and destroy the machine. The assignment is dangerous but all is going as planned until they learn everyone has their own secret mission. When Joseph uses the time machine to save his twin brother Echo it messes with time and now Sheridan never escaped from Traventon. Joseph has to save her before her mind is wiped clean. Echo is trying to help Taylor destroy the time strainer but he has his own agenda too and nothing is going smoothly. Will they be able to escape Traventon, again?

Here’s a quick scene from “Echo in Time”

“Really?” Taylor asked him. “You would try to pick me up?”

Echo tightened his grip on her waist. “Do you need me to carry you again?” Are you having trouble walking?”

“No,” she said. “Picking someone up is a twenty-first-century way of saying that, you know, you’re hitting on someone.”

Hitting on someone? Before he could ask about that, she said, “I mean, you want to hook up with them, hang out…” She must have seen the blank look on his face. “It means you’re interested and you want to date them.”

He lifted his eyebrows. “That all sounds so violent. What exactly did you do on dates in the twenty-first century?”

“Never mind,” she said. “A lot of our slang didn’t make sense, and I have no idea why we said any of it…”

Book Trailer for Echo in Time : https://youtu.be/wgeq_OTaFVE



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Spot The Station – International Space Station

I love all things Space and NASA.

I’m thrilled every time I get to see the Space Station fly over.

I get these notifications so I don’t miss it and you can too at https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/

Look at the cool widget that you can add to your website: http://www.nasa.gov/feature/new-spot-the-station-tool-expands-ground-to-space-connection



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Happily Ever After…My Read-a-thon is still coming along

My read-a-thon for all Janette Rallison books is coming along. I was a little slower at reading because I went out of town to a small family get together in New Mexico.

New Mexico trip April 2016

The Martin/ Scow family 


However, I did get some reading done and I finished the ‘My Fairy Godmother Series’ and I want to share my reviews:

My fairy godmother

My Fair Godmother, Book One- we’re introduced to Chrysanthemum Everstar “Chrissy”, a fairy trying to become a Fairy Godmother. Right now she’s only in-training and she’s assigned to the pathetic cases. Her sidekick Clover, a leprechaun isn’t much help and more interested in playing poker. Savannah is the first victim… or I mean case. Savannah is heartbroken over her boyfriend Hunter dumping her for her sister Jane. Jane is a senior and smart like Hunter.  When they try to make amends and set her up with Tristian she’s even more humiliated. Her pathetic ratings are through the roof. Savannah gets a visit from her fairy godmother Chrissy and receives three wishes. Savannah wants prince charming to take her to prom and Chrissy assumes she wants the Cinderella fairy-tale. Savannah finds herself back in the middle ages and fighting for her life to get back home. Janette is great at writing high school dramas and sweet romances and this book gives you plenty of it with a twist. 


My unfair godmother

My Unfair Godmother- Chrysanthemum Everstar “Chrissy” is trying to enter the Fairy Godmother University by helping Tansy with her dismal life. We instantly feel empathy for Tansy. Her parents’ divorce and her father moves from New York to Arizona of all places. To show her librarian father her displeasure for abandoning them, she stops reading books and doing well in English class. When Tansy is forced to move to Arizona her senior year of high school to live with her Dad’s “new” family, you can only imagine the amount of rebellion Tansy felt. (I mean who wouldn’t in those circumstances.) Of course she meets the bad boy of the small town Bo, who rides a motorcycle. She jumps right into a relationship, much to her father’s dismay. Tansy gets in trouble with the law and thinks life couldn’t get any worse, until a Leprechaun named Clover appears along with her Fairy Godmother Chrissy and she’s granted three wishes. Three wishes should be a good thing, right? Nope. When the town is overrun by Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Tansy has to make things right. Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Tansy, her whole family is thrown into the Middle-Ages and they enter the fable of Rumpelstiltskin. Tansy has to escape the castle to avoid marrying King John and gets help from one of the King’s guards, Hudson, another victim of Chrissy and Clover’s mistakes. Tansy struggles to find the moral of her story so they can all return back home before being killed.

Happily Ever After in fairy tales takes on a new meaning after reading “My Unfair Godmother.”  The story gives us the behind-the-scenes of fairy tales. The humor throughout this story makes it an enjoyable read. 


My fairyly dangerous godmother

My Fairly Dangerous Godmother, Book Three- Chrissy Everstar and her assistant the leprechaun Clover are at it again. Sadie wants to be a famous singer. She made a fool of herself on TV trying out for a talent show in front of her idol Jason. This gets her on the list of pathetic humans who need help. When Sadie wishes to have a beautiful singing voice she’s sent to the Little Mermaid story. (which did you know there is a not-so-happy-ending version out there? I didn’t.) Sadie’s next wish sends her to the fairy-tale, The Dancing Princesses. I wasn’t familiar with The Dancing Princesses fairy-tale either. Even with all the things going wrong there’s a comic relief in the story. Sadie learns that her idol Jason isn’t a very good prince charming.  Donovan is also in the fairy-tale sent by his own Fairy Godmother. They have to survive an evil fairy queen and escape this fantasy world. The moral of the story is… be careful what you wish for, especial if you have a not-so-great-fairy-godmother; Or…maybe the moral is, life isn’t so bad when you look at it from a different point of view.


Janette does a great job on this whole series making fairy-tales seem real. It’s a must read for all who enjoy a happily ever after tale.




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